Hena sy anana   [Hay-na shee ah-nah-nah]
(Literally: Meat and Greens)
(traditional Malagasy dish from the Antananarivo region)


	1/4 pound zebu, cut into lean chunks and slightly salted
	(Substitute your basic American cow, but zebu is preferred.)
	1 tomato, diced
	4 small spanish onions, diced
	1 tblsp ginger, peeled and diced, not too small
	1 tblsp sunflower oil
	1 cup water
	Fresh casaba leaves, thinly sliced
	(Substitute spinach, collards or mustard greens)

	Brown the zebu in a deep pot using sunflower oil.
	Remove zebu and set aside.

	In same pot, brown (slightly) the onions and the ginger.
	Pour in tomato and stir a little.
	Add 1 cup water.
	Bring to a boil.

	Reintroduce zebu to the mixture.

	Add as much of the greens a possible, such that the mixture is
still a liquid.  Don't add so much greens that the greens are dry on

	Cover, let simmer one hour.

	Serve on rice (LOTS OF RICE) with garnish described below.


Lasary Voatabia [La-sha-ree vo-ta-bi-a]
(Malagasy Tomato Garnish)

	 1 tomato, diced
	 2 green onions sliced very small
	 1 tblspoon ginger, grated

	Mix tomato, onions and ginger, salt to taste.
	Place in refrigerator for a few minutes to cool down.