The only word in the English language which rhymes with orange

Borange has been with us for a long time. We only needed a word for it. How long does it take to say "all that crap I can't be bothered with anymore" or "tasks I just don't want to do" or "all this other stuff in the painting that could just GO"? It takes precious seconds and, well, we can't be bothered. Hence this neologism.

Pronunciation: bor-inj;
Function: Noun
1. Tedious details, objects, tasks or concepts. Always plural. Reference to single items requires helpers as in "just a bit of borange", "a piece of borange", etc.

Borange is similar to Philip K. Dick's neologism, "Kipple" -- See Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? for examples.

Examples of borange in actual speech: Examples from literature:
Since you're here, I'd suggest you look at my Madagascar sabbatical.